K.C. Jones & Matt Sircely

Suggested $10-$20 donation   •.  Eaglemount Wine & Cider Tasting Room will be open

Sun. 7/2 3-5pm

K.C. Jones is a familiar face at Centrum’s VoiceWorks and FiddleTunes events going back many years. A creative cornerstone of the vibrant Lafayette, Louisiana music scene, K.C. Jones moves effortlessly between genres, traditions, and musical concepts with an insatiable artistic curiosity. As a teenager, she emerged from a deeply musical Appalachian family to become one of the foremost singers, guitarists, and dancers in old-time music. Moving to Southwest Louisiana, she quickly learned Cajun French and began writing preternaturally gifted original songs in dual languages with progressive Cajun bands like GRAMMY-nominated Feufollet and T’Monde. Both of these jumping off points, what she casually refers to as “obsessions,” have fueled the music on her debut solo record, Queen of the In Between, which also seamlessly references so much more, everything from classic country to psychedelic rock to contemporary indie roots singer-songwriters. Jones is a fearless bandleader, weaving together an opus that roams the halls of 20th century Americana, synthesizing a century’s worth of music with ease. It’s not simply a meld of seemingly disparate influences; Queen of the In Between dazzles in its ability to speak to the universality of human emotion. Though her country, Appalachian, and Cajun roots are evident in the new album, Jones’ love of late 60s/early 70s rock and singer-songwriter music—of which she is a devout record collector and enthusiast—is a sonic cornerstone of Queen of the In Between. On her songwriting, the album’s “No Depression” review said the album, released during the pandemic, represents: “a vessel for the grief, anger, and loneliness we’ve collectively experienced over the last year and a half. Let it wash over you, and leave you a little bit stronger than it found you.”

Website: https://www.kcjonesmusic.com/

Link tree: https://linktr.ee/Kcjones87

Listen/Buy Queen of the In Between on Bandcamp: https://kcjonesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/queen-of-the-in-between


Matt Sircely writes memorable songs with musical tapestries spanning the worlds of folk and blues, country and swing on mandolins and guitars. “Elaborate soundscapes — Sircely writes historical fiction with modern metaphors” wrote the Ashland Daily Tidings. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Matt Sircely learned his first few chords from his mother, he learned his first songs from Gene Shay’s legendary Folk Show. When Sircely finally began appearing on the Folk Show years later, Shay described him as “a great songwriter.” Moving West, Sircely co-founded the Seattle-based swing ensemble Hot Club Sandwich, also serving as producer for several albums, including with a guest appearance from Dan Hicks. He also co-founded the roots fusion band New Forge in 2008, then toured in duo format with Danny Barnes, resulting in the 2015 release of several of his songs on “Sircely and Barnes Live.” A year later, Barnes also produced Sircely’s first record of all original songs. Sircely’s work as a mandolinist has rippled through the roots music scene for many years. After Sircely served as instructor at the Mandolin Symposium in California, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin described him as a “nice guy, great player.” Over the years, Sircely has taught hundreds of mandolinists across North America with annual visits to music camps in Idaho, Louisiana and British Columbia. Legendary Cajun accordionist Jesse Lege described Sircely as a “badass mandolin player”. The station manager of his local radio station, KPTZ in Port Townsend, WA, referred to Matt as a “walking, talking encyclopedia of music.” The most recent Hot Club Sandwich recording, No Pressure, features Sircely playing alongside mandolin master David Grisman’s guest appearance on half the tracks. https://mattsircely.com


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