SOLD OUT: Ancient drumming workshop with Jacob Lund of Heilung

NOTE: This workshop is SOLD OUT. Space is filling quickly for the Seattle classes…

Ancient drumming workshop with Heilung’s Jacob Lund

Explore the ancient art of drumming with Denmark’s Jacob Lund, of the band Heilung.

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Space is limited! Follow the ticket link to sign up ($130). Follow the Facebook event link to ask questions:

Would you like to know your own drum beat better? Then this workshop is for you.

We will go through different drums, techniques and rhythms.

For hundreds of years, the drum has been a magical and alluring instrument.

The deep sound of the drum moves the human body and can evoke everything from a calm feeling to wild trance.

Visiting from Denmark, Jacob Lund has many years of experience as a professional drummer and percussionist. He has travelled across the world preforming with different bands, such as Virelai, Heilung, Huldre, Asynje and more.

Through this workshop, we will work with age-old rhythms, viking, medieval, eastern and folk styles. We will learn about frame drumming and davul (a large drum with skin on both sides), playing with hands, fingers and sticks.

Students are welcome to bring their own drum, but there are also some of Jacob’s drums available for use. Please let us know if you intend to bring one of your own

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