• A delicious honey sweet mead crafted from local apple blossom honey and heirloom apples grown on the Olympic Peninsula.
  • A special fruit wine made from aronia berries. High in tannins and antioxidants, this aronia wine boasts a special flavor and makes for a great mixing wine in cocktails.
  • Seven different hop varieties add layers of tropical fruit, grapefuit, and citrus flavors to this semisweet hard cider. Eaglemount Boot Brawl won a silver medal In the 2013 Sunset International Wine Competition.  A hopped cider getting a silver medal in a wine competition!
  • Delightfully tart and red in color, our Cranberry Mead is a Northwest favorite around the holidays. Crafted with organic cranberries, apples and honey sourced from the Olympic Peninsula this beverage is sure to be a hit at your next big feast.
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    Ginger Peach

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    A unique blend of peach, ginger and heirloom apple varieties. The ginger spice of this cider is rounded out well by the hint of sweet peach for an exceptionally refreshing drink!
  • Grenache

    A nice well balanced red wine. With flavors of strawberry, raspberry and white pepper spice.
  • Made with apples grown entirely on our original homestead orchard, this traditional dry cider is wonderfully crisp and refreshing. For those who enjoy a great no-nonsense dry cider, look no further!
  • A semi-sweet cider crafted from heirloom apple varieties and rhubarb grown here on our farm and other local farms. Wildly popular in our tasting room for its refreshing rhubarb twang and just the right sweetness.
  • A wonderful complex dry red wine. Deep tannins with flavors of dark cherry, blackberry, plum a balanced acidity.